Female Leadership Community at Ocean Academy in Caye Caulker, Belize

The Ocean Academy Female Leadership community (FLC) is an elective enrichment program that empowers young women to strengthen their leadership skills, while experiencing growth and identity development through the power of sharing, teamwork, and earned success.

Encourage them in becoming a strong, fierce, and empowered woman! A leader for their community! Working with other young women to create a unique community entirely dedicated to their needs.

The FLC is conducted around 3 units: ignite, educate and agitate.

Ignite: Create community through safe space creation, sharing of stories, empowerment rituals, and sistahood.

Educate: Empower young peoples’ minds through the exploration of the unique issues affecting young women today through reading, researching, and journaling.

Agitate: Become empowered leaders through the development of a community-based action project that will ignite and educate other youth and/or the larger community, and share the values of the FLC community.



 Of all the things you will have in your life, the one thing that will always be with you is your
identity: those unique qualities that make you who you are and foreshadow your potential for contributing to the world. Through thick and thin, you can count on your identity being there – a reassuring touchstone during difficult times, the key to understanding your purpose.

Everyone has the ability to discover their identity. You can learn a lot about who you are by clarifying what makes you truly happy within the context of different relationships.
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I AM XENA AND I AM HAPPIEST WHEN I AM WRITING BOOKS,  because it helps me to express my inner thoughts and myself. It is important to me because it frees my mind from negative things and past memories and drags me into a world of secureness and happiness. I have struggled with many obstacles in my life and have been deceived by many people, but I have leaned to overcome my fears and to stand up strong through writing.

I am Cheyenne and I am happiest when I am expressing important ideas.

I’m Anifa and I am happiest when I am discussing personal matters with an understanding listener.

I am Anisa and I am happiest when I am being challenged by commitments,  because it makes me feel that I have the power to overcome anything. I am happy when my teachers challenge me in school.

I am Shania and I am happiest when I am making friends succeed,  because my friends are the people who help me get to the place I am today. So, just by giving back to them and making them happy. I enjoy helping my friends in any way to make them successful and better people in life. (not pictured)