Female Leadership Community at Ocean Academy in Caye Caulker, Belize

The Ocean Academy Female Leadership community (FLC) is an elective enrichment program that empowers young women to strengthen their leadership skills, while experiencing growth and identity development through the power of sharing, teamwork, and earned success.

Encourage them in becoming a strong, fierce, and empowered woman! A leader for their community! Working with other young women to create a unique community entirely dedicated to their needs.

The FLC is conducted around 3 units: ignite, educate and agitate.

Ignite: Create community through safe space creation, sharing of stories, empowerment rituals, and sistahood.

Educate: Empower young peoples’ minds through the exploration of the unique issues affecting young women today through reading, researching, and journaling.

Agitate: Become empowered leaders through the development of a community-based action project that will ignite and educate other youth and/or the larger community, and share the values of the FLC community.


Self Reflexion by Anifa

I am Me    

My color has shaped who I am, for good and for bad. In life I battle some ups and downs and try to be different. I try not to judge others before I know them. I’m neither perfect nor do I try to be. I do fight.
I still learn and I listen to what is going on around me. I’m ignorant, but the fact that I know I am, has set me on a path to unveil my future.
I’m a fifteen-year-old student at Ocean Academy in Caye Caulker. I’m a strong and free female. I’m dark and lovely. “Yes, dark!” I can’t really change that and also wouldn’t. “Guess what:” I was born this way. I am not very good in confronting others in a nice way when I’m upset or in a bad mood. I take my troubles out on people. Now I’m in this FLC thing and hope that this will help me to better control my feelings and my anger. I seem very shy and quiet at first as well, until you get to know me. “The real me.” Most people think that I’m a stuck up person - that’s not true, but I don’t waste my time trying to change people’s opinions about me. If they are around me more they will find out that I am not that bad. I’m not very girly, except for the times when I want to feel “pretty”. Clothes and hairstyle are far from my mind most of the time. I like having girls to hangout and talk. I’m from a small town called Dangriga. I’m a little confused about what being dark really is, but I try not to let it effect my life. Oh, I almost forgot when I finish school I want to become a lawyer, “a professional lawyer” and those are a few things about “Who I Am”. A mixed up young, dark lady with a big world ahead of me.

Myself and how I sometimes feel  

So many times I’ve tried so hard in life.
Through emotional and especially personal times I try battling myself and encourage myself to have confidence but it doesn’t seem to be working. Every morning I get out of bed, I try to face the mirror and say, “ I am strong and there is nothing a beautiful young lady like me can’t accomplish”.
But then again I don’t think I’m worth it. I fail myself during my hard, struggling times. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve to be in this world and the only thing that holds me back from letting myself down is “ my future”. I want to see what God has planned for me and of course that is if I live to see it; and if I don’t, well it’s just God’s choice because I can’t say what is coming ahead or what is going to happen that minute.
I’m just an ordinary fifteen-year-old young lady trying to get what is best for me.

Why I read 

Sometimes I feel like giving up but thanks to whoever invented books I keep on going.
It’s hard to say that those little quotes and advise I read help me to better understand or take care of my problems. I read to find solutions for my personal problems, not because I love the character – because I love it’s words.