Female Leadership Community at Ocean Academy in Caye Caulker, Belize

The Ocean Academy Female Leadership community (FLC) is an elective enrichment program that empowers young women to strengthen their leadership skills, while experiencing growth and identity development through the power of sharing, teamwork, and earned success.

Encourage them in becoming a strong, fierce, and empowered woman! A leader for their community! Working with other young women to create a unique community entirely dedicated to their needs.

The FLC is conducted around 3 units: ignite, educate and agitate.

Ignite: Create community through safe space creation, sharing of stories, empowerment rituals, and sistahood.

Educate: Empower young peoples’ minds through the exploration of the unique issues affecting young women today through reading, researching, and journaling.

Agitate: Become empowered leaders through the development of a community-based action project that will ignite and educate other youth and/or the larger community, and share the values of the FLC community.


Time with volunteer Carla Beharry (May 2012)

We had an amazing time with our volunteer Carla Beharry in May.
During two meetings we spoke about:
  • Healthy relationships - qualities to look for in a partner & qualities to be cautious about in a partner
  • Important characteristics of loving/mature relationships - intimacy, equality, communication, respect, etc. 
  • Red flags in relationship's - disrespect, infidelity, controlling, etc.
  • Defining 'what is important to you' in a relationship and your personal values - 'what do I value about myself'. 
  • Finding out: Who Am I. 
  • Things I like to do with others, things I like to do alone, the way I would like to be treated by others, things about myself I am proud of.